Tag: Demons

Story: Possessed

(My most recent effort in the genre of short horror fiction.  I don’t know about you lot, but I try to be friends with my demons!)

“You don’t have to be so nervous,” Hannah reassured me. “It may seem strange to you, but this is just going to be a routine intervention. We do it all the time, actually.”

“I don’t know,” I muttered, wringing my hands together as I stared fixedly at the cracked pavement passing beneath my feet. “‘Routine’ doesn’t exactly seem like the right word to describe an exorcism. Besides, if I actually do have demons inside me, shouldn’t we be a little more… well, alarmed about it?”

“Oh, Jess,” Hannah chided with a knowing smile, “Lots of people have demons in them. I’d go so far as to say most people, actually. They just don’t realize it. It’s really nothing out of the ordinary.”

“Okay, yeah, I get that lots of people have metaphorical demons to deal with – phobias, addictions, depression, that sorta thing – but we’re talking about real demons, right? Living, thinking spirits from Hell that want to get inside you and take over your soul?” (more…)

Story: No Contest

(I had originally conceived this story as ending differently, but when I came up with the current version, I just couldn’t resist!)

“Alright, kids,” the counselor announced, a devilish grin stretching across her face.  “You know what time it is!”

Jack nodded vigorously, bouncing up and down with excitement.  He had been waiting for this moment all day.

“That’s right!” she responded.  “It’s time for our scary story competition!  I want you to share the most terrifying tales you can imagine, and the camper with the most depraved imagination wins bragging rights for the whole summer!  Muahahahaha!” the counselor finished with an over-the-top evil laugh.

Jack had to sit on his hands to contain his enthusiasm.  The atmosphere was perfect.  The campers were seated on log benches around a vigorous fire, surrounded by darkly foreboding trees through which the wind rustled like something alive.  Jack had always adored the bizarre and frightening – it was in his nature – but tonight, horror stories weren’t the only thing that had him excited.  The other reason for his anticipation was seated directly across the circle… (more…)

Story: A Demon’s Game

(A loose follow-up to The Devil Game.  I liked it just as much, but it never got nearly as popular.  Go figure.)

Come to me, children, and follow my way,
Into the world of Darkness and Magic.
With all my power, I’ll show you the way,
To all your dreams, hopes, and illusions.

– DHT, “Magic Melody”

With quiet reverence, you ease open the delicate wrought-iron gate and step into the moonlit night garden. The faint fragrance of roses pleases your senses, and a soft breeze lightly tousles your hair to and fro. A fountain stands immediately in front of you, its centerpiece a dreamlike, abstract bronze sculpture whose twists and turns form the vague and distorted shape of a woman. Water flows in melodious, burbling streams from the tips of what seem like the statue’s beckoning fingers. Otherwise, the place is deathly silent. A brick path circles the fountain and splits off in several directions into the tangles of semi-wild foliage that represent the garden proper. Moonlight shines through gaps between broad, tropical leaves, amongst which bloom flowers of bright blue, garnet red, velvety purple, and inky black. It is a beautiful place, and yet its surreal atmosphere is, on a subconscious level, vaguely disturbing. The atmosphere seems charged as if with faint electricity, and the whole place carries a distinct aura of waiting.

This doesn’t deter you, however. In fact, it is in large part what attracts you. The darkness, the mystery, the dreamlike atmosphere, even the shadowy undercurrent of fear and menace… these things just add to the excitement and magnificence of the garden, bewitching your senses and drawing you almost hypnotically further in along the brick path betwixt the trees, hedges, and vines. As you pass about the fountain, marveling at the clear, sparkling water, you hear the iron gate creak shut behind you of its own accord. A strangely pleasant shiver of apprehension courses down your spine as your heartbeat picks up speed. Some small, rational part of your mind wants to leave, to get out right now… but most of it still wants to go further in, to explore, regardless of what dangers might or might not be involved. For most of your largely ordinary life, you’ve wished for something… magical… to happen to you, and that’s exactly what this place is. Magical. Even if it seems to be a dark sort of magic, you can’t simply walk away and leave it behind. So, nerves abuzz, heart fluttering like a little songbird, you slowly venture down one fork of the brick path, underneath a shadowy canopy of lush foliage, deeper into the garden… (more…)

Story: The Devil Game

(Probably my most popular piece of fiction so far.  Enjoy!)

Pray, for devils have no reason
Satan waits to curse your ways
Have you seen it in his eyes in the sunset?
Have you wondered if he’s laughing when he plays?

– Kansas, “The Devil Game”

This is a set of instructions for how to speak with the Devil.

Which, as those of you with any sort of brains at all might note, is a patently moronic proposition on the face of it; one likely to culminate in any number of thoroughly unpleasant fates. Honestly, it would probably be smarter to publish your credit card number on Facebook, or take up a career in crocodile-wrestling.

But then, that isn’t going to stop you, is it? Not if you’re sincerely interested, at least. Technically, if you do everything just right, there’s a fair chance you’ll walk away scot-free; and that seems to be reason enough for some people to decide that it’s a good idea. Especially if you’re the fate-tempting, thrill-seeking, scare-junkie type. Or the desperate type. (more…)